120 Acre Park Near Vistancia to Begin Construction Soon (Update)

With a new agreement with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County, the long-awaited dreams of the new Paloma Community Park are closer to becoming a reality. For residents of the Vistancia Master Planned Community, this will be exciting news as the park will be located a short 10-minute drive away. The new park in North Peoria AZ is a big undertaking and shows that the city is dedicated to making sure that residents of North Peoria, including those at Vistancia, have great parks and recreation options in close proximity.  

New Park in Peoria AZ

Parks of this scale can bring new life to the area and can change the lifestyle of nearby residents. This is exciting news for the growing North Peoria residents, many whom love the outdoors and moved to Arizona to experience the outdoor lifestyle and year-round sunshine.  If you’ve ever been interested in the Vistancia community, the addition of Paloma Community Park in the surrounding area is exciting and welcoming news. After all, the park just adds to an already solid list of family-friendly options for Vistancia residents.

new 120 acre park in peoria

A major development

The new park in Peoria, in many ways, will be more than just a park. With the new agreement allowing for 80 acres (and any future expansions on the 450-parcel) for the park to be developed and maintained on, it’s a massive development that will absolutely change the face of the North Peoria area. City officials are hoping to boost the profile of the community with its park project, one that will provide residents with access to everything from baseball fields to equestrian trails. And as far as Vistancia is concerned, this development can be seen as more of an enhancement of its already considerable charm of all the community really has to offer the city’s residents.

While the park itself is impressive, it’s the care in developing the area that really draws attention. The process will be undertaken in four waves, which will give the community time to assess the impact of its plans and make adjustments over time. It also allows residents a chance to enjoy the space more quickly, as building in waves allows certain sections to open before the entire project is finished. Once the first phases of the park are open, residents are sure to flock to the area to see what all the fuss is about. With construction expected to begin in January of the coming year and an eye set on Spring of 2020 for completion for the first phase, Peoria residents won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the park.


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Huge opportunities

The new development offers a number of huge opportunities for Vistancia residents who already have access to a number of amenities within the master-planned community. Not only will the new space provide a great way for families to enjoy outdoor activities, but the new complex will offer North Peoria residents yet another way to come together and really connect. Whether one chooses to walk on a trail, play baseball and soccer, introduce their dog to other dogs, or attend a community event, there’s simply going to be more to do.

120 acre peoria park

More than a park

It’s important to remember that this will be more than just a park – it’s a recreation complex that can serve the needs of many in the community. This new park in Peoria takes things to an entirely new level by providing a one-stop outdoor experience for families and residents of all ages. The new agreement put in place also allows for more trails throughout the parcel and connecting to already existing trails on West Wing Mountain, which is great news for hikers and explorers alike. Overall, it’s an amazingly in-depth plan that seems very focused on making sure that residents never have to go too far from home to get what they need.

The centerpiece of the park may well be the upcoming recreation center. This moves it from the realm of simply being just park to being something that’s a bit more central to the community. Being able to take classes or participate in indoor sports right in the middle of the park will allow residents the chance to really get more from living in their chosen community. Taken as a whole, it’s clear that this area is going to be something special for all of the residents of Peoria and something that they will be able to cherish for years to come.

120 acre peoria park

Vistancia at its best

The Vistancia Community already has access to similar amenities like trails, parks and community pools, but a project on this scale shows just how much is being built around Vistancia that makes it a hub of family-friendly activity. The new complex is not only an ambitious project but is one that will raise the profile of the community.

While the project is still in development, it’s exciting to know that this nearby park will soon be a reality. Whether you’re curious about how the community will grow or you’re just looking to enjoy the new amenities offered within and nearby the community, it’s a great time to start looking at life at Vistancia. If you are ready to transition to a tight-knit, healthy community that values the best things in life, contact with Vistancia today to learn more. Also, be sure to take a look at our Visitor Center page for more information about the benefits of visiting the Vistancia community in person.

*120 acres is the projected total after all phases are completed. Initially, 85 acres will be built.