5 Important Characteristics of a Healthy Community

Healthy living and healthy lifestyles are becoming tried and true priorities amongst active families who seek to increase their quality of life. As such, healthy communities or at least the idea and principles of living in a healthy community is a trend whose popularity has been steadily increasing.  Perhaps it’s because of increasing awareness of what it means to be healthy or just the knowledge that communities who display healthy characteristics often have fantastic amenities that complement and help sustain such a lifestyle. If you’re one of these people searching for such a community but don’t know where to start, here are the top defining characteristics of a healthy community. This way, you can make the best decision for your family’s health and wellness.

Defining characteristics of a healthy community

Below are five of the characteristics of a healthy community that are most important to fostering a fit and wellness-centered lifestyle. These factors that benefit the residents of these communities and give them the ability to pursue a higher overall level of health and well-being.

1. Access to quality education

Education and health go hand in hand. Those who pursue a higher level of education have longer lifespans and often experience a higher quality of life than their peers. Being close to schools in the area gives parents an ecosystem which will help teach their children the foundational concepts of healthy living. Having a school that reinforces health education is a powerful tool for a parent to have when they are trying to raise their children to be mindful of their food choices and activity levels.


2. The community naturally blends into its environment

It’s also very important for a healthy community to be part of its natural environment. To some degree, this is a matter of sheer practicality – those communities more in tune with the natural environment tend to have less access to harmful substances and are less likely to be impacted by the pollution of nearby areas. Being part of the natural surroundings also offers benefits of a less concrete nature, by allowing residents a chance to feel closer to nature and more removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. One great example of this principle in action is the seamless blending of the Vistancia community into the neighboring Sonoran desert. For example, the winding 3.5-mile Discovery Trail allows families of Vistancia to explore the unique beauty and serenity of the desert environment while also having the opportunity to spend time outside and exercise in a natural desert surrounding.

3. Health care and preventive health services

It should be taken as a given that healthy communities have access to great healthcare facilities. In fact, access to medical facilities can serve multiple purposes, from providing life-saving treatments to the ill to allowing residents better access to preventative treatments. Healthy communities are as much about having immediate access to the modern medical amenities that will keep them healthy as they are about providing an environment that provides for better overall preventative health.

characteristics of a healthy community

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4. Access to healthy food

Access to healthy food is also very important for any health-conscious community. If you take a look at Vistancia, for example, you’ll see retailers like Sprouts Safeway, and Fry’s Marketplace near the community. These grocers all have dedicated areas for high quality, organic food. Having access to healthy food allows residents to make better dietary choices, which in turn allows them to stay healthier and live longer. For a community to be truly healthy, access to healthy food is a must.

5. Fitness and wellness opportunities

Fitness and wellness opportunities are often foundational amenities for a health-minded community. It’s important that residents not need to venture far to get daily exercise. Communities like Vistancia have a variety of options available, ranging from the ever-present golf courses, recreation centers, pools, parks, and walking trails. The best communities in Peoria are also close to natural features that encourage outdoor play and fitness. Wellness doesn’t just mean exercise, though – it also means access to like-minded individuals who will provide support and even motivation. From workout groups to healthy cooking classes, these wellness opportunities allow residents to better their own personal health routines.

characteristics of a healthy community

Vistancia – A growing healthy community in Arizona

Vistancia is a great example of what it means for a master plan to provide families what they need to live in a healthy community. Not only is it nestled in a beautiful location which has access to top-tier health and wellness amenities, but it also has a growing number of residents who are engaged and dedicated to living their best lives. Vistancia has a strong sense of community, provides families top-notch education options, and fantastic community events which allow residents the chance to make lasting connections with one another. After all, another key component to healthy living is being surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family.

If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to sign up for the Vistancia newsletter, or visit the Vistancia Information Center for more information on joining our healthy community today.