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An exciting trend in real estate is the demand for living in a healthy community. Healthy communities are communities that offer access to amenities and resources that allow residents to make healthy lifestyle choices. An improved take on the traditional planned community, the healthy version enables residents to live inside of an infrastructure that fosters optimal well-being, health, and ample socializing opportunities with their neighbors without having to leave the bounds of their surrounding area. If you are interested in what makes up a healthy community, we invite you to take a deeper look at the experience of living inside one and what makes them so appealing to so many.

Table of contents

  1. What is a healthy community?
  2. What is life like living in a healthy community?
  3. Healthy community benefits
  4. Healthy community examples
  5. The role of local businesses in healthy communities
  6. Vistancia – A modern and inviting approach to healthy communities


What is a healthy community?

A healthy community is a planned community with a focus on providing the physical and social amenities to foster health, wellness, and meaningful interactions with your neighbors.

There are many examples of healthy living communities throughout the US, each with their own unique features. Some successful healthy communities go as far as to offer farms that provide the agricultural needs of the residents and local restaurants that reside inside. Other versions of healthy communities focus on offering plenty of health and fitness amenities. Some also include a variety of community friendly features such as planned community events, parks, walking and biking paths, and local, quality education.



Imagine going to one of the many events held inside your community where you can interact naturally with your neighbors while having a great time enjoying art, food, music and even children’s activities. This can be a much more appealing option than having to pack up the family and travel to an event with crowds and parking challenges.

Whatever the specific amenity these communities offer, they often focus on two distinct needs of the residents: overall health and convenience. Because of these benefits and amenities, healthy communities have become incredibly popular and offer something for every member of the family.


What is life like living in a healthy community?

Picture, what it might be like to live in a healthy community…

Living in a healthy community is not just about yoga classes and running clubs – it’s a community that exists to give its residents a better quality of life. You’ll wake up in the morning to a landscape full of breathtaking, natural features and plenty of opportunities to enhance your health.

Community centers, local schools, recreation areas, even fitness classes – are all there and conveniently available. As you travel down the road, you’ll notice that the some of the nearby businesses offer health and wellness services and health conscience menu choices.

You’ll enjoy a close knit community when like-minded neighbors are able to share their own perspectives on health and wellness.


healthy communities

Families gather for Vistancia’s annual Ladybug Release, held every spring.


Healthy community benefits

As you might imagine, it’s highly beneficial to live in a healthy community.

Residents love the continual sense of improvement, and the idea that the community should be slowly evolving into a place that will nurture you and your family with as much physical and social support as possible.


healthy community


While all healthy communities differ, some of the common benefits they are likely to offer are:

  1. Convenient access to quality healthcare
  2. Fitness and wellness amenities
  3. Parks, walking, running and biking trails
  4. Frequent community events including farmers markets, community garage sales, food truck festivals, etc.
  5. Local and independent shops, bars, and restaurants
  6. Health education initiatives and events
  7. Policies that support sustainability, conservation, recycling, etc.
  8. Recreational spaces such as golf and tennis courses


Healthy community examples

No two healthy communities are the same. Although there are principles that are common among many of them, each one is unique and offers prospective residents a chance to select the community that features what is most important to them. From the utopian to the commercial type of healthy communities, each one represents why demand for these communities is growing year after year.

Some communities try to replicate the small towns of earlier times with a town square being the focal point. There is usually a big local business focus on the arts, yoga studios and artisan-made crafts.

Others can take a more direct health based approach ensuring there is plenty of access to quality food, healthcare, and fitness. Less emphasis is placed on aesthetics, instead focusing on designing the community around allowing practical access to health related amenities.


vistancia community events


Healthy communities, like Vistancia’s approach is little less of a throwback to “times of yore” aesthetically, but still grounded in the traditional healthy community principles of building strong and supportive personal connections while offering healthy options, amenities and a strong connection to nature.

Vistancia is special because it blends the idea of a modern and healthy community into the natural surroundings and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. For example, the Discovery Trail was built not only to provide a great fitness amenity to residents, but to preserve and give residents access to the unique desert environment Vistancia was built in.


The role of local businesses in healthy communities

While it’s easier to stay true to a commitment to health at home, things definitely get tougher once you step out the door. Local businesses can become important partners in reinforcing health-related goals and providing residents with the support they need to really bring reach their lifestyle goals.

One of the key functions of local businesses in healthy communities is to provide access to healthy amenities and food choices.

Access to businesses that sell whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables plays a role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is one example of how local businesses play a part in providing healthy amenities to communities.


Sprouts is just a five minute drive from Vistancia


Local businesses also help to bring a community together. Whether it’s discounts for locals or special events for the area, businesses around a healthy community can help residents meet their goals for living a more healthy lifestyle.


Vistancia – A modern and inviting approach to healthy communities

Located in one of America’s most active cities, the Vistancia community offers a practical and approachable characteristics of a healthy community. Vistancia features  a wealth of community-enriching experiences and  amenities that will inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. Paired with the spectacular natural desert surroundings and panoramic mountain views, Vistancia truly offers residents and lifestyle that healthy for your mind, body and spirit.


Amenities that support and enhance healthy lifestyles

Nestled in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert Mountains just outside of the city of Phoenix, Vistancia offers home buyers a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty and peaceful calm of it’s environment, while not being too isolated from the rest of the Valley.

In other words, you will be outside the city enough to see the awe inspiring stars of the milky way galaxy light up the skies each and every night and close enough to catch the Arizona Cardinals’ game or shop at the mall the next day.


healthy communities


Vistancia’s casual elegance and community-centered approach easily creates an environment that welcomes a diverse range of families.

Well-loved by families and single residents alike, The Village at Vistancia (one of the featured communities in the Vistancia master plan) offers two recreation centers with resort-style pools, water slides, clubs, classes, tennis and fitness classes which allow residents to exercise, participate in various activities, and attend frequent community events.

Vistancia’s two K-8 elementary schools are tucked into the community offering parents a sense of security knowing their children are attending school close to home.


The community’s model can also be beneficial for those who need social support to stay fit and active.

Enjoy yoga classes and running groups over going solo at the gym? The Vistancia Community offers plenty of opportunities for group fitness and support.

If you’re a mother looking to connect with other moms for support and making new friends, there is The MOMS Club you can join to help meet the special emotional and physical needs that come with raising children.

You want to know one of the easiest ways to stay active and avoid dwelling on the couch? By living right in the middle of an environment that offers endless outdoor recreational opportunities, you can enjoy fitness all year round.


See calendar of classes, clubs and events available to Vistancia residents


One of the great amenities of living in Arizona is experiencing Arizona. Whether it’s Lake Pleasant that’s just a short drive away from the community, or the endless hiking trails throughout the state, Arizona, in a way, is its own healthy community.


Vistancia’s 3.5 mile Discovery Trail is the community’s linear park.


Within the immediate area of Vistancia and just outside of the master plan are plenty of local businesses that offer many health and fitness opportunities including:


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