Homes for Sale with Gourmet Kitchens in Two Brand New Neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia

If you’ve ever had the luxury of cooking in a high-end or gourmet kitchen, you know why they’re so highly sought after in today’s market. After all, these kitchens have it all – great construction, fantastic appliances, and all the space you could need. They are among the most highly-desired amenities in new construction. Many new home builders offer options for kitchen upgrades including gourmet kitchen packages. Two of the new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia offer options to upgrade to a gourmet kitchens package, so if you’re looking to capitalize on one of the latest home trends, you’ve got to take a look at these kitchens.

New homes for sale with gourmet kitchens


There are many different features and upgrades that make gourmet kitchens stand out from standard kitchens. Mainly, a gourmet kitchen is a playground for professional chefs and avid amateur cooks who have a passion for food. It can also be an incredible display piece that boosts the “wow” factor whenever you invite guests over to your home. Whatever your motivation, you’ll find that having a gourmet kitchen is well worth the investment.


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The major differences


Gourmet is one of those terms that’s hard to define. Generally speaking in terms of kitchens, though, you can comfortably substitute it with “high-end”. Depending on the builder, a gourmet kitchen may include a spacious kitchen layout and upgrades to the appliances and the construction materials.


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Appliances can play a major role in making a space into one more suited to gourmet kitchens. The appliances used in gourmet kitchen packages are usually of higher-quality.  Major brand-names are usually a given, but they may also include the more feature-rich versions of those appliances. A few examples include larger appliances such as refrigerators offering more cubic inches of storage space, double ovens, or range hoods or wine coolers for entertaining.



You will also see a trend towards high-end materials used in construction. Granite or marble countertops are often available options, though other types of high-end materials can be used. Those opting for a gourmet kitchen may also choose cabinets made of real wood or with upgraded features such as cabinet pulls or handles.


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The advantages of gourmet kitchens


These kitchens have several very real advantages for homeowners. The first, and perhaps most practical, is that these kitchens can actually increase the value of a home. In fact, roughly eighty percent of all home buyers see the kitchen as the most important part of the home when deciding between properties. Not all of the benefits of the gourmet kitchen have to do with resale, though. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of having the space is being able to make use of all of the upgrades. Remember, a gourmet kitchen tends to have high-end appliances which may include features such as convection cooking which cooks food faster and more evenly. You’ll get access to the kind of kitchen that you really need for culinary experimentation without ever having to leave your home. It’s a fantastic upgrade that is perfect for at-home chefs.


Of course, your guests will also be very impressed by the upgraded kitchen. These spaces are tailor-made for entertaining, with counter space that provokes a sense of envy and enough room to prepare for a party of almost any size. If you are a frequent entertainer, you need one of these kitchens to be able to keep up with all the prep work that needs to be done before a party. If you’re tired of dealing with ordering out or catering for parties, having this kind of space can be exactly the solution that you need.



Gourmet kitchen home builders


One of the four new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia, Senita Trails by Richmond American Homes currently provides four different floor plans with gourmet kitchens upgrades options. Their take on the gourmet kitchen is innovative and unique, allowing you a chance to make use of a fantastic space for entertaining and cooking.


homes for sale with gourmet kitchens


Another new neighborhood Sunset Ridge by David Weekley Homes in The Village at Vistancia offers amazing gourmet kitchen options in addition to other numerous high-end upgrades.  A multiple award winner, David Weekley Homes gives consumers a chance to have the home of their dreams without having to sacrifice quality. Between high-tech energy efficient options, unique floor plans and amazing amenities, the builder is certainly one at which any home buyer needs to look. Take a look at the floor plans for the kitchens, but make sure to take a look at all the other available options.


A great gourmet kitchen can be a fantastic addition to any home. With upgraded materials, plenty of space and some of the best appliances money can buy, it can become the centerpiece of a home. If you are looking for luxury, one of the best places that you can start is in the kitchen. If you’re ready to Get Connected with Vistancia and to take a look at the fantastic amenities on offer, make sure to visit the builder pages of David Weekley Homes and Richmond American Homes to see what’s currently available. In addition, all of Vistancia’s seven builders offer opportunities to design the kitchen of your dreams with a wide variety of upgrades available. Find your home today.