Our 5 Favorite Crazy Golf Outfits

When one thinks of cutting-edge fashion, golf apparel might not be the first thing that comes to mind. While going out on the links is definitely a good excuse to wear something comfortable, the uniform of the average golfer is – at least in the public imagination – a little on the tame side. While most golfers these days seem to be happy wearing slacks and a polo, there have historically been quite a few who have shown up to their tee times with a little more style. Crazy golf outfits are par for the course and they’re one part of golf culture that deserves to be celebrated a bit more often.

The 5 best crazy golf outfits

The craziest golf outfits in history have been worn by a truly offbeat bunch. While you’re sure to see old-fashioned hats and a pair of knickerbocker pants or two, the sky’s really the limit when it comes to these outfits. The five best that we’ve found are a mixture of silly fun, great history, and outrageous choices. They’re as much a part of the fabric of the game as the iconic green jacket, and while they may not be as coveted they’ll certainly a good reason to become even more fond of what you wear at the country club.


Payne Stewart’s NFL Gear

In 1991, golfer Payne Stewart had a sponsorship deal with the NFL. While most golfers would have taken the chance to play up their deal by getting some clever iron covers or perhaps by wearing a team cap, Payne took it to an entirely different level in the 1991 US Open. Payne combined his NFL sponsorship with some fairly traditional golf togs, leading to a look that straddles the line between bizarre and hilarious.


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Credit: swingbyswing.com

If you don’t count the color scheme, this gear is actually fairly innocuous. Knickerbocker pants with high socks, a polo, and a golf cap. This gear was all matched in NFL colors, including turquoise and orange for the Dolphins. This whimsical attire was actually changed out every round, with different color schemes representing different teams.


Shingo Katayama

Shingo Katayama’s look is perhaps best known for how eccentric each individual piece can be. He definitely flaunted all of the rules of golf fashion, putting together ensembles that really fleshed out the funkiest pieces of some of his opponents’ clothing. It’s hard to say that it was particularly lucky for him on the course, but the gear is definitely more memorable than what some more famous golfers have worn.


crazy golf outfits

Credit: zimbio.com


Katayama’s alligator-skin belt and cowboy hat definitely came from one outfit, while the mock turtleneck was something totally different. What tied it all together was the light pink coloring, which turned the outfit from merely uncommon to somehow hilarious. This is a favorite of anyone who loves a bit of chaos.


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Shiny Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter has had many different looks over the years, many of which have been hilariously crazy. His outfits absolutely throw away any sense of decorum or style in favor of the loud, clashing, and possibly crazy. These are the outfits you wear when you’re just looking to have fun, and it’s hard to judge anyone for that. Nevertheless, Poulter did have one look that was just so crazy that it deserves its own entry here.


crazy golf outfits

Credit: ladbrokes.com

Poulter’s look is definitely a throwback to the wildest parts of the 1970s. Start at the bottom with black loafers, then move up to a pair of quirky brown bell-bottoms. Top that with one of the shiniest brown shirts you’ve seen outside of New Jersey, and cap it off with an innocuous visor and sunglasses that would look normal on any other golfer. It’s just crazy enough to laugh it, and if you’re as bold as Poulter, perhaps even sport on your own.


Orange Rickie Fowler

Say what you will about Rickie Fowler, but the man loves orange. His gear isn’t actually all that funny on its own – it’s the color palette that really makes it stand out. Individual elements like the hat or the puka-shell necklace would look a little wacky on their own, but put together in one of his ensembles they become something more. They become classic Rickie Fowler, and that’s definitely not a bad thing to be.


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So, how do you pull off this crazy look? It’s actually fairly simple. You start with as much orange as you can find. Sure, it’s difficult to find orange pants, shirts, shoes, and caps all in one place, but if Rickie can do it so could you. Put them on, and then totally ignore the fact that you’ve dressed up like a traffic cone. The outfit isn’t exactly trendy, but it’s hard not to give Fowler kudos for his guts.


Almost anything by John Daly

John Daly is probably the patron saint of off-the-wall golf fashion at this point. It always feels like he picks the outfit best made to amuse the commentators, almost as if daring them to laugh. Daly’s had so many silly looks over the years that it’s become something of a tradition to guess what he’s going to wear next. Say what you will about him as a golfer – Daly clearly has fun with the outfits that he chooses.


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What makes a good John Daly outfit? In most cases, it’s all in the pants. The colors are bright, energetic, and always out of this world. His tops range from the far-too-small to the kaleidoscopic, and they really help to pull the outfits together. They’re all fun, and that’s what makes all of his golf outfits so perfect and so memorable.


Perhaps these looks are all so lovable because you’ll only see them on a golf course. It’s important to note that these outfits might be crazy, but the men wearing them have all proven themselves to be great golfers. If you’re looking for a way to match their skill – and perhaps not their style – it’s time for you to start spending more time on the links. If you’re ready to see what it’s like to be a member of a world-class country club, you can contact Blackstone Country Club about their member for a day program. If you’re feeling brave, maybe even try to take some fashion tips from the golfers listed above!