What Membership is Right for You at Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia

Joining a quality country club is a decision that will change your lifestyle for the better. With access to a fitness center, exceptional dining options and an award-winning golf course, a membership at Blackstone Country Club in Peoria can greatly improve your quality of life and invite you into a warm community of members.

Deciding which type of Club membership is right for you is key to fully enjoying and benefiting from the experience. As you consider what membership to select, here are the answers to some common questions to help guide your decision:

Am I eligible to become a member?

Although some country clubs limit their memberships to people living in the surrounding community, at Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia you don’t have to live here to become a member. Blackstone Country Club is open to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Club and who is dedicated to joining and supporting the Club’s community.


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Who is covered with a membership?

All of our memberships are designed for families, including children as full members up to the age of 23. That means even when your kids go away to college, they can come back and enjoy the full benefits of the club along with you. If you have extended family or friends who you’d like to invite along for a day of golf, they’ll only have to pay a green fee of $80 for extended family and $110 for other guests, including cart use.

What do memberships include?

Regardless of what membership you select, you’ll be getting full access to Blackstone Country Club’s 30,000 square foot Hacienda-style clubhouse and our luxurious grounds full of amenities. You’ll be able to use our 24-hour fitness center with its state-of-the-art equipment and a movement studio for both private and group exercise classes. Our three pools offer the option to relax, swim laps, or play with your kids in the large, shallow pool and play area. Our tennis courts meanwhile offer the option to play day or night and access to lessons or clinics for you or your children. When you want to relax or rejuvenate, you can take advantage of our casual and formal dining spaces, our massage services and our various clubs and interest groups. We also provide venues and services for private events and child care and children’s programming.

Golf memberships meanwhile come with access to golf instruction and year-round golf events, including tournaments, charity golf outings and member golf challenges.

Which membership is right for me?

We offer a range of possible memberships at Blackstone Country Club so you can select the membership that is best suited to your stage of life and your interests. Whether you like to hit the green every day, you’re just learning to play or you simply want to enjoy the social side of the Club, we have membership options for you.

  • Equity Golf Membership: The Equity Golf membership is designed for members who love to golf and want to invest in the future of Blackstone Country Club. This membership options provides unlimited golf and use of practice range facilities, as well as ownership in the Club and voting rights. The Equity Golf membership involves a membership deposit of $20,000 and monthly dues of $775. If or when you decide to leave the Club, you’ll receive a return on investment.
  • Equity Social Membership: For those who also want to carry a say in the direction of Blackstone Country Club but who don’t want golf to be a central part of their membership, we offer the Equity Social membership. With this option, you’ll pay a $4,000 deposit and $330 in monthly dues, gaining ownership in the Club and voting rights. You’ll also have the option to add on some golf options or golf lessons if you decide to explore the sport or expand your interest in it.
  • Social Membership with Golf Option: If you’re already a Social member of the Club, you can have the option to add golf privileges for any consecutive 6 months. This option is perfect if you’re just getting into golf or only like to play a few months out of the year. You’ll pay $6,000 for the 6 months of access, enjoying unlimited golf benefits without the long-term commitment.
  • Non-Equity Junior Golf Membership: If you are under 35 and love to golf but aren’t quite ready to commit to the Equity Golf membership, we provide a lower investment, non-equity membership. With a membership deposit of $6,500 and monthly dues of $525, you’ll receive the same unlimited access to golf and use of practice range facilities as the Equity Golf membership, just without the ownership or voting rights. When you turn 35, you can decide to convert to either an Equity Golf membership by paying the balance of the initiation fee.
  • Non-Equity Corporate Golf Membership: Designed for two to four designees, the corporate membership provides full golf access for those designees and their families, without the ownership or voting rights of equity memberships. The first designee pays 100 percent of the $10,000 initiation, the second pays 75 percent, the third 50 percent and the fourth 25 percent. Each designee then pays the full $775 monthly dues.

As you consider what type of membership is right for you, call us today at (623) 707-8700 for more information or visit blackstonecountryclub.com