The Benefits of Purchasing a New Home in a Master Planned Community

As you begin your search for a new home, there are a host of factors you will be considering: prices, location, nearby amenities, safety, feel of the neighborhood and, of course, the home itself. Some of these aspects allow you some negotiating power, including the price, but many others simply come down to what’s available when you’re looking.

Purchasing a new home in a Master Planned Community can be a big advantage to homeowners. From the planned amenities, schools, family-friendly activities and parks and open spaces, choosing a home in a Master Planned Community is a solution that can meet many of your buying needs. Some of the benefits of purchasing a new home in a Master Planned Community include:


A key part of selecting any neighborhood you plan to live in is choosing a location with amenities nearby that are suited to you or your family’s needs. For some, that means a park within easy walking distance. For others, it’s golf courses or quality restaurants.

In Master Planned Communities, you often receive access to many of these amenities. In addition to schools, parks and open space, Master Planned Communities often incorporate trails for hiking or biking, community events, golf courses and more. Depending on the amenities offered you could have everything you could need within a short drive or right in walking distance of your home.


Choosing a new home often involves considering how safe it is based on the location. With Master Planned Communities, the traffic flowing through the neighborhood primarily consists of people who live there and their guests, cutting down the overall traffic and providing a better sense of safety.

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Natural Surroundings

Master Planned Communities often incorporate green space, parks, trails and nature as a key aspect of the design. In traditional neighborhoods, these elements can sometimes be taken over by continued development or new homes.

Stable Investment

Home values are typically more stable in a Master Planned Community due to the planned vision for the community and additional amenities that are often not available in unplanned communities. In addition, home owners in Master Planned Communities must keep their homes in good condition to abide by Home Owners Association guidelines, assuring not only that the homes remain in good condition but also that one neighbor won’t wind up devaluing your home due to neglecting upkeep.

More Parks and Open Space

Some Master Planned Communities are intentionally built with ample natural open space including parks, playgrounds, trails and event lawns. Being surround by more open space and parks can make you neighborhood feel less crowded and allows for additional areas to entertain, exercise and engage in outdoor activities.

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