How to Practice Self Care at Blackstone Country Club

It can be incredibly easy to put yourself last in your own life. Whether you are busy at work or trying to take care of a family, it seems that good people often go out of their way to set aside their own needs. In truth, though, taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn how to do. It will not only improve the quality of your life, but it will make you more efficient and energetic in all of your other efforts. Understanding how to practice self care is one of the secrets to having a healthy and well-balanced life.

Practicing self care at Blackstone Country Club

While you’ve probably heard the phrase many times in the past, actually being able to grasp the concept of self care can be difficult without a bit of guidance. It’s not particularly complex, but it does represent a way of thinking that can be daunting for those who are success and results-driven. Once you understand what it means to take care of yourself and the benefits of doing so, you’ll want to find as many ways to engage in the process as possible. Fortunately, Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia goes out of its way to make sure that its members have what they need to take care of themselves and improve their quality of life.

What is self care?

While there’s a giant industry that churns out books trying to provide answers to this question, the truth is that self care is very easy to define. Self care is anything you do to try to take care of your mental, emotional, or physical health. It’s all the little choices you make in order to keep your mind, body, and spirit on the right path. Self care can look very different depending on the individual, but the truth is that anything related to this process will have a positive impact on the practitioner.

how to practice self care

Why is self care important?

In a society that continuously puts pressure on individuals to put others first, it can be difficult to recognize why you need to take care of yourself. After all, it can feel selfish and even a little silly to take time out of your day just to put your own house in order. In truth, though, this kind of care is important because it keeps you functional and is really just basic maintenance. If you can take care of yourself through simple activities during the day, you’ll improve your physical and mental health while getting more out of your life. If you aren’t going to care for yourself, you cannot expect to see positive results from your efforts.

Health and fitness

When most people think about self care, they immediately turn towards health and fitness for answers. After all, working out not only makes you feel good physically, but it also helps your mental state. A good workout, for example, has been shown to help fight off issues like depression or anxiety. While you don’t need any special equipment to get out and be active, having a little extra help can make the process easier.

Blackstone Country Club provides its members with many ways to get in shape, including a state-of-the-art 24-hour fitness center. Even if you don’t want something formal, you can always use the walking trail to connect with nature while working on your cardiovascular health. Taking some time to concentrate on your personal fitness can be a good way to improve your overall mood.

how to practice self care

Focusing on relaxation

Relaxation can be another important element for self-care. You don’t just need to push your body and mind – you need to let them both rest. Sometimes, allowing yourself the chance to experience true relaxation and centering your mind on what really matters is the best way to alleviate stress.

Blackstone Country Club’s Clubhouse certainly offers a number of amenities that can help you relax. The Clubhouse has a full range of massage services that are sure to help your stress melt away. If you need time to let your mind and body reset, massage isn’t your only option – you can even relax in the Tea Room. No matter what you need to unwind, you’ll find it inside The Clubhouse.

how to practice self care

***Event available to Blackstone Country Club members and families.

Expanding your mind

Another great way to help take care of yourself is to absorb new ideas. Books, for example, can be a fantastic gateway to a better sense of self-understanding, especially if you have a quiet place to go and read. Fortunately, the Clubhouse also features several intimate and quite indoor and outdoor spaces for those who find that the best source of comfort is found between the pages of a book.

Expanding your mind does not have to be limited to books however. Blackstone Country Club also provides many other chances for professional growth. While some might say that concentrating on work isn’t exactly in the spirit of self care, those who love their fields will often find themselves refreshed by new learning opportunities. The more you dedicate yourself to learning, the greater the flexibility that you will give your mind.

Working with others

Isolation can be difficult, especially for those who are naturally social. While there is an idea that caring for one’s self is best done alone, the truth is that many find that the best kind of self care is done within a group. While you might not want to seek out a support group for your own self care, you may find what you need in one of Blackstone Country Club’s book clubs. Simply being able to get together with other like-minded individuals to discuss a work of literature can provide a balm for the overworked mind.

If you’re not interested in sharing what you read, you might be interested in other group pursuits like The Art League. Being able to create, discuss, and critique your own works with a group can be a fantastic creative outlet. It will give you another chance to express yourself while still being accompanied by those whose opinion you value.

how to practice self care

Enjoy a round of golf….or two

It goes without saying, one of the most relaxing yet mentally challenging physical activities can be playing a round of golf. While the challenges of the game might cause frustration in some competitive types, most enjoy who enjoy golf find it incredibly relaxing. Blackstone Country Club’s revered 18 hole championship course has plenty of tee options for members, so anyone can enjoy it, no matter what their skill level.

In addition to golf, Blackstone Country Club offers tennis and pickleball courts for members who enjoy alleviating their stress by chasing around and striking a ball with strength and precision.

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Always make sure that self care is one of your priorities. No matter how stressful life gets or how much work you have to do, taking some time out for yourself is always worthwhile. If you want help along the way, you should always make sure that you have a home in a community that supports your efforts. If you’re ready to make caring for your own well-being a regular part of your life, but you’re not a member yet, consider contacting Blackstone Country Club for a tour of the facilities and amenities today.


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