The Unexpected and Pleasant Surprises of Moving to Arizona

If you are thinking about moving to the ‘Valley of the Sun’, there are several things to consider before making your decision. No matter where you are coming from, living in Arizona offers some unexpected and pleasant surprises outside of residing in a warm climate. The Grand Canyon State, best known for its resort and hospitality offerings for vacation goers, also offers its residents its own unique charm, and a wide range of opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle, without the extra expense.

Moving to Arizona

It should be a given that moving from almost anywhere in the United States involves a bit of a change.  Changes often can include climate, terrain, and the cost of living. When moving to Arizona you may find that many of these changes are absolutely spectacular including the year round sunshine you may not get everywhere else.

Moving to Arizona

The beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Cost of living difference

The cost of living in Arizona can be a lot less than many places virtually anywhere you’ll go in the United States! What you might not have considered, though, is what that really means to the residents of the state. Having a lower cost of living is not just a matter of saving money – it’s a matter of being able to embrace entirely new lifestyles that the cost of living decrease brings with it.

Perhaps the most-cited difference in living in Arizona is the relatively low cost of housing compared to other major cities in the US. It’s still entirely possible to get a nice home in many parts of Arizona starting around two to three hundred thousand dollars, with prices dropping even lower in the more rural areas. What this means is that land is also relatively inexpensive. If you’ve ever wanted to embrace an outdoor lifestyle but thought that it would cost too much, Arizona is a great option.

The lower cost of living also gives rise to some very interesting new opportunities. Lower food costs for example, has made Arizona a fantastic place for those who love new and experimental cuisine. Lower costs of ingredients make it easier for new restaurant owners to try out new menus and to find a niche in the area. Even small changes like the lower price of gas make it easier to spend a day driving through the desert or to go on a chartered tour to some of America’s most fantastic landscapes.


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Beautiful and unique landscapes

Yes, Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon. There is, however, much more to the state’s beauty than the landmark that gives Arizona its nickname. This is a state that has a surprisingly varied landscape with a bit of something for everyone who wants to relocate.

If you’re looking for classic Arizona, the Sonoran desert is where you want to visit. The home of the saguaro cactus and some of the best sunsets nature has ever provided, this area will give you a look into a past that most of American has forgotten. While you probably won’t want to venture out during the hottest parts of the summer, the access to this simple beauty allows residents a level of inspiration that is very hard to match elsewhere.

If deserts aren’t for, you don’t worry – most of the northern part of the state is full of mountains and forests. Yes, Arizona is in fact very green – and it even snows there! If you love winter sports, you can’t miss the resorts in Flagstaff and Tucson which will give you access to some fantastic skiing experiences. Arizona is the kind of state that will allow you to experience almost any kind of weather you wish to see – all you need to do is get in a car and start driving towards your ideal climate.

moving to Arizona

Economic boom

Arizona has a reputation for many things, but one that you really might not expect is the state’s reputation in the business world. Arizona routinely ranks among the most business-friendly states in the US, with a host of fantastic colleges pumping out educated members of the workforce on a regular basis. Combined with an influx of new tech companies building offices all over the Valley, Arizona has become a hotspot for people who are looking to make a mark on the economy.

What that means for the practical and qualified new resident is that a there are a lot of great job opportunities.  Arizona’s been incredibly quick to welcome new development, so major companies are usually in hiring mode. Furthermore, it is incredibly friendly to those who want to start their own businesses, so getting off the ground can be far easier in Arizona than elsewhere. Even if you’re looking to retire in the Grand Canyon State, you’ll always find opportunities to make an impact on the business world.

If you’re not looking for work, you’ll find that this business-friendly spirit means that you’ll never have a shortage of exciting new businesses opening up. This is a great place to start niche boutiques and truly innovative new services. Residents of Arizona often have the first crack at trying some of the newest and most exciting trends. While you might not think of Arizona as the heart of innovation in the United States, it is certainly one of the places where new businesses owners are the most likely to make a start. As such, you’ll get far more of a chance to be on the cutting edge than those in less entrepreneur-friendly states.


The West Valley of Phoenix is booming, welcoming companies like Lockheed Martin, Amazon, IKEA, and Top Golf.

Outsider friendly

If you’re considering moving to Arizona, you should be sure to know that you’re not the only one. Arizona is an incredibly popular destination for those moving from other states, largely because of all the reasons listed above. Also home to three fantastic universities and a number of other colleges, young people are flocking to the state just as fast as those who are already established.

The percentage of Arizonans from other states is honestly quite shocking. Some estimates put the number of non-native Arizonans at close to seventy percent – which means that you won’t be the only person who is new to the state. Simply knowing that most of your new neighbors have gone through the same adjustment period that might go through can make it even easier to feel at home in Arizona.

Where to live in Arizona?

Arizona is a state of many hidden delights. Not only are Phoenix and Tucson less expensive to live in than most other major cities, but it’s got beautiful vistas, a growing economy, and a populous that is ready and willing to embrace people from outside the state. If you are looking to move to Arizona, get ready to embrace all that the state has to offer – and be sure to look at the master-planned community of Vistancia. Located in Peoria, (approximately 30 miles outside of Phoenix) living in Vistancia provides the conveniences of living in an urban environment without the hustle and bustle of being too close to one. Which means jobs, shops, restaurants, and attractions are close by but traffic, crime, and congestion can be much lower than in a big city. There is no doubt that you’ll love calling the Vistancia community home.