The Top Rated Charter Schools in Peoria AZ

Picking the right school for your child can be a difficult decision. Every public school is very different, and private schools may or may not be within your budget. Fortunately, charter schools can offer parents the best of both worlds. These privately-run schools are tuition-free, and are often able to provide students with the type of education that allows them to reach their fullest potential. If you are concerned about the quality of education that your child is receiving and want to make sure that they are as prepared as possible for the future, you may want to take a look these top rated charter schools in Peoria AZ.

The best charter schools in Peoria AZ

One of the great things about living in Peoria is the number of quality schools from which you can choose in the area. While there are certainly some fantastic public schools nearby, the community also boasts access to some of the best charters in the state. Whether you’re looking for college prep, subject-matter focus, or just a strong community in which your child can feel more involved, there’s a school here for your family. Below are some of the charter schools in Peoria AZ at which every parent should look.


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Happy Valley School

Happy Valley School is an A-rated charter school that enrolls children from grades K-7. A charter school that boasts its ability to provide a private-quality education without requiring tuition, they focus on back-to-basics education. Open since 2000, this school is looking to expand to offer more grades in the near future. Happy Valley School’s test scores are always top-notch and all reviews note a very positive relationship between the faculty and parents. It is one of the best charter schools in Peoria AZ for helping a child prepare for high school and beyond.

Candeo Schools

The Candeo Schools believe that preparation for college should start in elementary school and thus pride themselves on a high degree of academic rigor. The school is split between elementary and middle school students, with a special focus on helping students learn grammar, logic, and rhetoric. This school largely works to prepare its youngest students for a more rigorous middle school experience and older students for college-level classes during high school. By taking modern methodology and mixing it with classical educational concepts, the Candeo Schools hope to give their students an edge when they make their way into high school and ultimately into their collegiate careers.


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Basis Peoria

Established in 1998, BASIS Curriculum schools are among the nation’s highest-ranking schools in the country. BASIS Peoria opened in 2011 and services grades 5-12. Rather than working from a core curriculum, BASIS hires teachers who are experts in their subjects and allows them to teach their classes as they see fit. The results have been clear, and BASIS has achieved some of the highest achievements for OECD Test for Schools, Advance Placement® results, National Merit Scholarship Program ® honors, earned college merit aid, and college admissions.. BASIS also focuses heavily on organization and productivity management, giving students a chance to master the skills they’ll need to succeed. BASIS is one of the highest-rated schools in the state, with a dedication and focus  on offering college preparatory courses to get students ready for the post-school world. It’s definitely a school that takes a challenging, yet realistic look at education research and adapts it in a way that makes their students more successful.

Great Hearts Academies – Archway Glendale

Part of a larger network of charter schools in Arizona is Great Hearts Academies. The Archway location in Glendale is a school dedicated to student achievement. Leadership is also a major goal at Archway, as are the foundational elements of a classical liberal arts education. The K-8 curriculum is certainly very focused, but it also prides itself on meeting the individual needs of students. In fact, this location also boasts one of the better Special Education programs in the area. The school’s results are stellar, and its proximity to Vistancia makes it a great choice for many parents.


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Sonoran Science Academy – Peoria

A K-8 school with a focus on STEM education, this school prides itself as much on its tight-knit community as it does on its outstanding academics. Though STEM is obviously the school’s major focus, it still works to make sure that all of its students are well-rounded individuals. College prep is the major goal here, but they still provide chances for children to develop as strong individuals in the meantime. Clearly one of the best schools for children who have a strong affinity for math and science, it’s also a good fit for those who need a close knit community in order to thrive.

Legacy Traditional School – Peoria

Legacy is a school with a focus on going back to the basics in terms of education. The school sticks to tried-and-true methodologies instead of making their students test subjects for new ideas, with a great deal of their success coming from a strong focus on academics. This is a school that provides students with an accelerated course of study and expects a great deal out of each student academically. At the same time, it is very concerned with making sure students are well-rounded, community-minded citizens. Legacy is a K-8 school.

Public schools within Vistancia

In addition to charter school options, Peoria has highly-performing public schools. If you’re looking for a more traditional educational experience, you may want to look at one of the public schools within the Vistancia community. There are currently two elementary schools in the community, Vistancia Elementary and Lake Pleasant Elementary. They are both A+ Rated schools that serve grades K-8. The proximity to the schools is just one of the reasons why families feel so strong about living in this community. In addition to the great schools that already exist in the area, there are plans for further schools to be built that will serve older students.



These charter and public schools make up some of the best educational opportunities that the state of Arizona has to offer. Each of them will help to prepare your child for the future, both in terms of education and in terms of personal development. While choosing the right school is always a deeply personal matter, one thing is for sure – this is a great area to live in if you want more control over where your child goes to school. If you’re interested in Peoria or living in close proximity to these great schools, make sure to contact Vistancia and visit the Vistancia Information Center to learn more about the community.

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