The Top Reasons Why a Loft is a Must for Families

Having a little extra space in a home is always ideal. While extra bedrooms or dedicated office spaces can be a great way to get more out of your square footage, there’s another option that’s becoming increasingly popular over recent years. Lofts are a type of space that can be put to many uses, and that can bring with them a number of great design benefits. If you have the chance to buy homes with lofts, you should know that you’re getting an ideal type of space for your family.

The benefits of homes with lofts


The big reason why homes with lofts are so sought-after is that these spaces can be put to multiple types of use. A loft is an open space, but it’s also a space that’s separated from the rest of the home. That means that the loft can work both as a space that requires at least a little bit of privacy as well as a space that should be open to the whole family. Below are just a handful of the great ways to which you can put a loft space to work, highlighting the benefits of such an area in your home.


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Providing a media space


Since a loft is slightly separated from the rest of the home’s floor plan, it can be an ideal place to create something special. One great benefit of a loft is that it can be customized to become a great media area. Since most lofts have room for not only a television but also for couches or recliners, you can make your own home theater without having to separate yourself completely from the rest of the house. Naturally, you will get more room than a theater room. This means not only more seating for your family but extra space for the amenities that make having a media space perfect. Whether you’re looking to install a popcorn machine or just need space to show off your massive media collection, a loft is a great space that you can get creative with. Since it’s open to the rest of the house, you can even watch your favorite films while still being aware of everything else going on in your home.


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Creating a perfect space for gaming


Some of the best home game room ideas now involve lofts. The reasons that lofts work so well for games are similar to the reason why they work well for media usage, as you’ll still get a space that is open to the family without necessarily being in the middle of everything else that is going on. What makes a loft work particularly well for gaming, though, is that it allows you to move a great deal of unique equipment that wouldn’t fit elsewhere in the house into a single area.


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Lofts are just as good for traditional games as they are for video games. You can set up a chess board that will never be in the way, or practice your trick shots on your pool table. The open nature of the space makes it easier for family members to come in and join your games, while the fact that it is separated makes sure that no one will get underfoot when you’re trying to improve your gaming skills. Simply put, lofts feel like they’re made for games. If you’ve got a desire to build up your own game room, this might be the perfect place for it to be located.


A place for work


Homes with lofts can also be an ideal space for those who work from home. While enclosed home offices are fantastic for removing distractions, it’s sometimes hard to be part of the family when you’ve got to close yourself off every time you want to get a little work done. Having this space can provide just enough privacy that you won’t get distracted while still allowing you to pay attention to what’s going on in your home. It’s a great way to stay connected even while you’re working.


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Lofts are just as nice for those who make a living crafting as they are for those who work from home. A loft space can hold multiple crafting machines as well as having space for you to keep your inventory. Again, you’ll be close enough to the family not to be cut off, but not so close that you’ll have to worry about your projects. It’s a good way to make sure that you’re able to keep working even when you need to keep an eye on those in your home, as well as an ideal area for you to let your creativity run wild.


It ages with kids


If you have kids, homes with lofts can be fantastic. When your children are young, the loft is the perfect play space. You can gather all of your child’s toys in a single area, helping to ensure that they will not spread throughout the house. You can also make sure that he or she has plenty of room to play with the big toys that are too big for his or her room but that aren’t quite right for outside. Even better, this space can be one that allows your child to engage his or her imagination without having to worry about getting in trouble.

As your child ages, the loft can age with them. Lofts are perfect for teens. A few couches, a television, and some games can make it an ideal location for your teenager to hang out with friends. It’s separate enough to provide at least some privacy, but still, open so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on. Space will still be something that your teen can call his or her own, but not something so far away that you’ll have to worry about him or her.


A practical location


Homes with lofts are also incredibly practical spaces. If you need storage, a good loft can be helpful. It’s got plenty of square footage, of course, but you can also set your loft up to be easy to access. While you can certainly just fill the area up with old boxes, you can also create a system that allows you to rotate in and out items or make seasonal areas.


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A loft is also great for working out, even if you don’t own equipment. It’s a practical spot to put something like a treadmill, of course, but just having the open area is great for stretching, yoga, and meditation. In fact, keeping the space empty gives you a unique area in which to relax in your home. If you’re looking for a location that can either be home to your clutter or an oasis away from it, a good loft may be the best feature in your home.


As you can see, having access to a loft can change the way that you use your home, whether your goal is to have a bit of extra room for family time or just a place to get work done.

If you’re looking for homes while living in Arizona with lofts that will fit your family’s needs, Gehan Homes, and William Ryan Homes are offering floor plans with loft spaces in The Village of Vistancia.  David Weekley Homes, Meritage Homes, and Richmond American Homes also offer options for hobby and games room spaces that can be used similarly to a loft space. As you’re starting your home search, make sure to get connected with Vistancia in order to ensure that you get all the latest news from the builders in Vistancia who can turn your lofty dreams into a reality.

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