There’s No Quit in Blackstone Country Club Pro Stephanie Meadow

Blackstone Country Club has recently announced that it will partner with Stephanie Meadow, a major name in the LPGA and Symetra Tour over the course of the 2018 season. Meadow will become a major part of the country club’s golf community and help both its members and staff to improve their games, even as she works to dominate both of the aforementioned tours. If you’ve not heard of Ms. Meadow before, you’re sure to be astounded by her story. Not only has she overcome a great deal to get to her current level of skill, but her amazing rise to the top is sure to inspire anyone who loves golf.

An LPGA Pro at Blackstone Country Club

Having an LPGA pro at a course is a great boon for any club, but having a pro like Stephanie Meadow is simply amazing. It’s not just her golf skills which are sure to wow all who come to see her play, but also her story. This is one young athlete who is primed for greatness and who now calls Blackstone Country Club home. Through her meteoric rise and her perseverance after professional and personal tragedies, this golfer is a fantastic addition to the Club and its surrounding communities.

Stephanie Meadow

Early success

Stephanie Meadow is a name with which most who follow the LPGA should be familiar. A success at a relatively young age, she managed to become a star in a very competitive sport. A native of Ireland, Meadow  became a four-time All-American while she attended the University of Alabama, an impressive feat that led many to correctly deduce that she’d turn pro shortly after graduation. It came as no surprise, then, that Meadow would join the LPGA as soon as she had a chance to do so.

Her professional career was impressive from the start. With a third-place finish in the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open, she managed to make a huge splash with her entry into the field. Not content to just compete professionally, she has also represented Ireland at the Olympics in 2016. It’s a rare young athlete that can accomplish so much in so little time, but Meadow managed these impressive feats with aplomb. From 2014 to 2016, Meadow was a highly-regarded member of the LPGA tour, and certainly a golfer from whom many expected great things.


Stephanie Meadow


Preparing for a return

No one stays at the top forever, and Meadow is no exception. After a series of devastating personal events (including the death of her father from pancreatic cancer) and a stress fracture, she has dropped down from the LPGA to the Symetra Tour. Her struggle to get back to the top has been compounded by her injuries, though she has had some real successes on the tour thus far. Nothing can stop this young woman from competing, and that drive seems to be paying off with a renewed purpose and an improved swing.

2018 will largely be centered around the trek back to the LPGA. Meadow is currently playing on the Symetra tour without a caddy, taking a lonely road back to the top. Her journey thus far has been full of peaks and valleys, though it does seem like she’s regaining much of what her injury cost her. In fact, there seems to be a fire lit under her, one that should help her greatly in the tours to come. It’s not an easy road by far, but it seems to be one that she is very comfortable traveling.

Playing at Blackstone Country Club

As Meadow continues the road back towards the top, she’s found herself a new home base. She has partnered with Blackstone Country Club, calling the award-winning course her home away from home while she is on tour. It is where she will both practice and play during her LPGA and Symetra Tour schedule, giving her a chance to further hone her skills on one of the best courses in the Southwest. The pairing between star athlete and the award-winning course seems natural, especially as Meadow attempts to challenge her own skills so that she can once again rise to the top of the tour roster.

Stephanie Meadow

It won’t all be practice for the young athlete while she’s at Blackstone Country Club, though. She will also be a vital member of the community. Not only will she be playing with members as she works on her swing, but she’ll also host golf clinics and even work with the staff to help impart some of her skills. This seems to be a win for all involved, as the Club’s reputation will continue to soar while Meadow’s access to both a fantastic course and a great community will give her an edge when it comes time to compete.

Having a great pro on location is just one of the many benefits one gets from joining the Blackstone Country Club. Whether you want to follow in Meadows’ footsteps or you just want a chance to play at an award-winning, private golf course, Blackstone Country Club is ready for you. If you’re ready to learn more, take a moment to contact Vistancia to set up a tour and see what life as a member has in store.

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