Vistancia Students Release Over 10,000 Ladybugs During the Annual Ladybug Release

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Students from both Vistancia Elementary and Lake Pleasant Elementary School gathered Tuesday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 20th to release more than 10,000 ladybugs at the 8th Annual Vistancia Ladybug Release. Kids distributed the ladybugs by the handful over plants, flowers and shrubs after first learning some fun facts about these mighty bugs. Lola the Ladybug showed up to share stories about how ladybugs help they environment.

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Ladybugs act as an environmentally-friendly means of controlling the insect population. Vistancia utilizes this non-chemical method to control insects that damage plants, promoting organic gardening practices. In spite of its diminutive stature, one ladybug can eat more than 60 aphids per day and 5,000 in a lifetime. Six generations of ladybugs may be hatched within a year.

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