6 reasons to get excited about the new retail developments on Happy Valley Rd

The greater Phoenix area continues to experience growth with new businesses and lifestyle experiences opening across the Valley. The area around Vistancia and North Peoria in particular has many exciting new retail developments on Happy Valley Rd on their way that will provide a whole host of options for residents. Happy Valley Road and the surrounding area is especially worth watching, with some highly anticipated new retail additions on their way. As North Peoria, in general, continues to grow, it’s definitely the residents of the area who are going to receive the biggest benefits from all the new developments.

Something for everyone

There are several new retail developments coming soon along Happy Valley Rd that will offer something for everyone. These new developments are planned to offer everything from grocery stores, to restaurants and more. Many of the developments are planning to incorporate outdoor common areas, which are  perfect for relaxing after a long day or bringing the family out to play. If you’re interested in all the North Peoria area has to offer, you’ll get even more excited once you take a look at the some of the great additions that are planned for the area.

new retail developments on happy valley rd

North 40 Grill

Visiting locally owned dining establishments have become more and more important to diners, so it only makes sense that the new developments in the North Peoria area would make a great home for a new, chef-driven local concept. One new concept, North 40 Grill by local restaurateur and owner Sharon Turner  is anticipated to be located in the proposed Sunrise Plaza along Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley Rd. North 40 Grill is planned to include All-American cuisine with Arizona flair and a local focus. If you’re looking for a great dining option or if you’re simply curious to see what the cuisine of the region can be, this will be a must-visit spot.

Canadian bagels are invading Arizona

To the delight of bagel fans everywhere, another great addition proposed for Sunrise Plaza is Toronto-based Bagels on Fire. This Canadian bakery serves bagels in the Montreal style, which is a real treat for those who have never tried them before. A bit different than what you’d generally find in the states, it’s not your average bagel shop, and will give residents in the area one more great option for a quick bite to eat.

An Upscale Safeway

An upscale Safeway, the first of its kind in Arizona, is expected to anchor a new shopping development called The Trailhead along 83rd Avenue and Happy Valley Road. This new Safeway concept will provide a shopping experience like no other, and will feature a walk-in wine cellar, a fish monger, a bakery, a kombucha bar and much more. If you want to give the way you do your weekly shopping a little boost, this Safeway will become one of your new favorite destinations.

new retail developments on happy valley rd

The New Splash Pad

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Arizona gets hot in the summer. With that in mind, it’s great to remember that a new splash pad is on its way. Set to be built inside the new Paloma Park (which is currently under construction), it will be a great place to take the kids to cool off, even if they’re not quite old enough to go swimming. A fantastic place for a family to spend a hot afternoon, it will also be a great alternative to spending all day hiding away from the summer heat.

A Local Coffee Shop!

One of the best things happening in the area, is one that will really appeal to coffee lovers. Black Rock Coffee house (also proposed as a tenant at Sunrise Plaza on Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road) will give those looking for a java fix a new lease on life with coffee that’s brewed with a bit more of a personal touch. This breath of fresh air will give customers a chance to explore a variety of different coffees while connecting with their neighbors and meeting new friends.

new retail developments on happy valley rd

Live 10 minutes from the action

Of course, one of the most exciting things about these new developments is that they’re only about ten minutes away from Vistancia, one of the most well-known master-planned communities in the country, it’s a great place for families and for those who are looking to be close to everything this new area has to offer. If you’re ready to learn more, make sure to visit the Vistancia Information Center to get more information and to take a look at some of the amazing new homes for sale.

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