Our Favorite Summer Activities for Kids Near Vistancia

The area near the Vistancia community is full of interesting and entertaining activities for families. If you’re new to the North Peoria area – or new parents – you might not know about all the great places you can go this summer. With options that suit virtually any family, you’ll soon find that it’s not a matter of figuring out what to do – it’s a matter of figuring out how to do all of the summer activities for kids near Vistancia.

The best summer activities for kids near Vistancia

Summer time is a great time for families. It can be difficult, though, to figure out what to do with all of your free time. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more structured than the park, it might be a good idea to take a look at the options listed below.


Uptown Alley

If you’re looking for a great place for your kids to play while you enjoy a bit of air conditioning, you and your family will love Uptown Alley. While bowling is the main draw here, there’s actually a lot for a family to do. With dining, an arcade, and even laser tag, it’s a great place to go to stay out of the heat and have a great time with the family. If you’ve got birthdays coming up, check out the birthday party packages they offer as well!


Harkins Summer Movie Program

Harkins Theater is a great place to go to see some of your kids’ favorite movies on the big screen. While the Summer Movie Fun program doesn’t feature first-run films, they’re still some of the best kids movies to come out in recent years. A great place to go for larger families, it costs less than a dollar per movie for your kids to see a movie each week. This is a fantastic way to get out of the house and to watch some of your kids’ favorite characters have adventures on the big screen.


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Six Flags – Hurricane Harbor

Who doesn’t love a water park? Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor (formally Wet ‘n’ Wild) is one of the best places to spend a hot day in Arizona, with tons of great water activities around the corner. Whether your kids just want to splash around in water features or they feel like they’re up to some of the bigger slides, there’s always something fun to do. Definitely consider taking the time to check out this water park if you’re looking for a great way to cool off this summer.



Peoria Public Library Activities

The city of Peoria’s public libraries are a great place to go during the year, but they’re even more fun when school’s out. The library offers a number of great programs for kids, ranging from story-time activities for smaller children to music, art, and science programs for older readers. These programs aren’t just fun – they’re a great way for young readers to avoid some of the slippage that tends to come with summer vacation. This educational opportunity is sure to captivate any child.


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World Wildlife Zoo Aquarium

Boasting the largest collection of exotic animals in Arizona, the World Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium is a great place to spend your time this summer. Pay attention to everything the Aquarium has to offer, as this air-conditioned space will give you and your children access to some of the ocean’s most beautiful and mysterious creatures. The Aquarium also has a number of great educational programs that allow children who are interested in the sea a chance to learn more about some of their favorite animals and what it takes to take care of them.



AZ Ice in Peoria

It’s always fun to have a bit of winter in the middle of the summer. If you’re looking to ice skate, play hockey, or just learn how to skate, AZ Ice in Peoria is the place for you. The large ice complex is a great place for families to spend time and you’ll certainly never find anyplace cooler to spend in your time in Arizona. This is a great place to go for those who play winter sports, especially if they’re looking to get in a little extra practice during the off-season.


Uptown Jungle

If you’ve got an adventurous child, you have to go try out the brand new Uptown Jungle. Located near Cactus and 75th ave in Peoria, this urban playground has several different attractions, ranging from trampolines to climbing walls to ninja courses. Your child can live out his or her extreme sports fantasies in a safe environment, one where they can bounce and play to their heart’s content. Definitely give this playground a try if playing on a swing set has gotten a little too tame for your child.



Sky Zone

Looking for even more trampoline fun? Sky Zone Peoria has what you need, with several different trampoline-based activities. Whether your child wants to jump in the free jump area, have fun in the foam blocks or try a bit of climbing out for size, Sky Zone has what they need. A little more fitness focused than Uptown Jungle, the activities here are great for burning off a bit of extra energy.


Playgrounds Fun Zone

Located just north of Arrowhead Mall, Playgrounds Fun Zone is an indoor playground that is a much better fit for younger kids. Featuring a multi-story play area and a great cafe for moms and dads, it’s the perfect place to watch your little one run and play. It’s also got educational classes for kids and adults alike, making this a good place to stop if you’re looking to get a little learning in alongside your play dates.


Just outside the Vistancia area

Just outside of the Vistancia area are a host of other great attractions. Whether you want to roller skate at Great Skate, visit the newest aquarium in the Phoenix Area, OdySea, or spend an educational day at The Arizona Science Center or The Children’s Museum, these attractions are just a short drive away. You don’t have to go that far from Vistancia to visit one of the great places that families and moms love.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do this summer for families of Vistancia. Whether you want to play, learn, or just cool off, some of Arizona’s best activities are a short ride away. With a little research and some spare time, you can make the most of your summer. If you’re looking to learn more about Vistancia or about other great ways to spend your time in the area, don’t delay – sign up for the Vistancia newsletter today or visit the Vistancia Information Center to experience the community first hand.

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