The Business Benefits of Joining a Country Club

There are plenty business benefits of joining a country club, whether your primary goals are based on attracting top-level talent, entertaining existing clients or creating new relationships with prospective partners or clients, country club membership can go a long way toward helping you achieve them.

The Benefits of Joining a Country Club for Your Business

Sure, private country club benefits like upgraded access to a golf course, clubhouse and other amenities are nice. But beyond providing a way for a family to enjoy and pamper themselves, a private country club membership can also benefit your business in a myriad of ways. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways joining a country club could give your business a boost.

Build new business relationships

There is something about a private and luxurious country club that continues to attract the most successful people from various industries. And when you are able to meet and target prospects or potential partners at a country club where you are both members, it breeds a sense of camaraderie that cannot be replicated by any marketing campaign. The tradition of deals being cut over dinner at the clubhouse or out on the greens is absolutely alive and well. And with the ability of private country club members to tee up whenever they would like, you might find yourself joining two or three prospects every time you hit the links.

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Easily entertain guests

On a similar note, the ability to invite guests to join you at a modern, well-maintained country club is a surefire way to impress even the toughest customers. The impression the experience leaves on guests is one of the great business benefits of joining a country club like Blackstone Country Club. Furthermore, the old adage about getting to know more about a person over four hours of golf than in a lifetime of meetings is true. Bring your biggest client to check out the award-winning golf course or to join you for a quick tennis match. Have a foodie client who has already tried every high-end restaurant in the area? The club’s fine dining experience will be a surefire hit for even the most discriminating palate. Blackstone Country Club’s Executive Chef, Stephen Duarte, has staked his culinary career on creating artistically presented dishes that use only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients possible. Finish up the evening attending one of our exquisite Winemaker Dinners which pairs five-course wine & meal pairing with a local/regional winemaker. A representative from the winemaker and Chef Duarte both attend this dinner, held on a regular basis at the club for private members. Bring a guest and create an excellent overall experience while trying to impress a client.

Meet Our Top Chef | Blackstone Country Club

Blackstone Country Club Executive Chef, Stephen Duarte.

If you are a member of Blackstone Country Club, you will be sure to leave an impression that is fitting for you and your company.

Attract and keep  your top talent

With the competition for skilled workers hotter than ever, especially in the Phoenix-area market, companies are forced to come up with creative benefits to stay in the game. Corporate membership of a country club like Blackstone Country Club affords you the opportunity to extend membership to key executives within your company. When included as part of a larger benefits package, this membership can be a great way to entice talented individuals to join and stick with your company — especially for sales-related executives who will see a huge direct benefit to their membership.


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Blackstone Country Club offers a corporate membership program in which initiation fees are reduced incrementally for each additional person, up to four members. So while your company’s members are deriving 100 percent of the benefits of membership, they or your organization (depending on who is responsible for paying their initiation fee) will pay a discounted rate. Discuss with your tax advisor the best way to structure the membership to derive the maximum benefit.

Interested in learning more about how your business could benefit from joining Blackstone Country Club? Contact Membership Director Helen Doney today at (623) 707-8700 or Helen will be able to speak to you directly about your company’s structure and goals to help pinpoint the benefits that will be of most value to you.