The Top Dog Friendly Places Around Vistancia

Dog owners understand the importance of spending time with and exercising their pets. That’s why it’s great that the area around the Vistancia community has so many fantastic dog friendly places. If you live in the area, it’s great to know about the many different pet-friendly places that North Peoria has to offer.

Fun dog friendly places around Vistancia

If you have a dog, you know how important it is to live in an area with dog friendly places to visit. Whether you are looking for places to take a walk with your dog, get a quick meal, or even grab a quick cup of coffee and a few minutes of peace, Vistancia and the area around it has just what you need. Below are a few of the places that you can visit and bring your dog along when you are in the area.

dog friendly places

Dog friendly restaurants

Dog friendly restaurants are becoming more common across the country, especially since so many dog owners consider their pets as family and want to spend as much quality time as they can with their four-legged friends. One of the most fun things to do with a dog is to grab a bite to eat, so make sure that you check out one of these great, dog friendly restaurants located in Peoria.

Lakeside Bar & Grill

The Lakeside Bar & Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in Peoria, but it’s even better when you bring along your pup. The restaurant not only offers amazing outdoor seating and a great menu for people, but there is even a section of the menu especially for dogs. That’s right, this isn’t just a restaurant where you can bring your dog along – it’s a restaurant where your furry friend can have a meal of their own.

CHAR Pizzeria

The new development on Happy Valley Road has brought with it a host of great new places to visit, but perhaps the most dog friendly is CHAR. The pizzeria is a lovely place to visit even without a pooch, but its staff is incredibly welcoming when you bring a dog to the outdoor seating area. The staff will even provide water for your dog and a quick treat when they come by.

Twisted Italian

Another great place to enjoy a bite with your furry friend is Twisted Italian. Featuring a small outdoor pet-friendly patio, Twisted Italian is the perfect spot to enjoy amazing Italian dishes while your pet enjoys the outdoors.

Dog parks

One of the truly fun things to do with a dog is to bring your furry pal to a dog park. These parks offer plenty of room for your pooch to run and play while still providing you with a place to relax. Below are some of the best dog parks in Peoria and near Vistancia, perfect for both you and your dog.

dog friendly places

Alta Vista Park

Located on West Williams Road, a short drive will get you to this fantastic dog park. It’s open from 6am to 10:30pm, making it both a great place to get in your morning walk and a perfect place to bring your dog after work even if you’re on the late shift. If you are looking for a very friendly park with great amenities, visit Alta Vista Park.

Parkridge Park

One of the best dog parks in Peoria, this 17-acre park is great for owners of all types of dogs. In fact, it even has separate areas so the big dogs and their smaller friends can play with their own size groups. The park is also open from 6am to10:30pm every day, so there are lots of opportunities to fit it in your day..

Foothills Dog Park

Located in Glendale, this lovely park has two separate sections that are open on alternate days and even features an agility course. It is open from 6am-10pm, but it’s closed on Wednesdays so make sure you have an alternate place to play at least once a week!

The Discovery Trail

While The Discovery Trail within the Vistancia community isn’t necessarily considered a dog park, it is one of the wonderful amenities that the residents of Vistancia are able to enjoy. If you want to get out of the house with your pup and enjoy the natural beauty of the Sonoran desert, The Discovery Trail at Vistancia has a beautiful 3.5 miles to explore.

Dog friendly coffee shops

Coffee shops are some dog friendly places that are really gaining a lot of popularity in the area. With unique menus and welcoming atmospheres, they’re a great place to spend time with your pet. Below are a few near the Vistancia community.

Dunkin Donuts

A long time favorite Dunkin Donuts is a great place to grab a coffee with your dog. Whether you visit the outdoor patio or go through the drive-thru, there are options for you and your pet. Many of the locations offer a puppy latte and have treats on hand.


Starbucks is known for their wide variety of gourmet-inspired drinks, but did you know they offer dog friendly options as well? Locations with outdoor seating welcome pets on the patio and will give you a ‘pup cup’ free of charge or for a special treat you can order them a ‘puppuccino’.

dog friendly places

Exploring what the Vistancia area has to offer

The various dog friendly places in and around Vistancia are only a small sample of what the area has to offer. From shopping and dining to walking trails and more, you’ll find it all here. If you are interested in learing more, visit the Vistancia Information Center, and download an Information Packet to bring in for a free coffee gift card to enjoy with your pet

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