Vistancia Vipers Peoria AZ Swim Team Wrap Up Summer Season, Look Onward to Fall

If you’re a part of the Vistancia community, then you may have heard of the Vistancia Vipers swim team.  With their many accomplishments, they are one of Vistancia’s many beacons of pride. The team is made up of the younger community members, and if you are a Vistancia resident it’s possible you may even know one of the swimmers yourself. Whether you’re a swim enthusiast or a parent, you have reason to be proud of the Vistancia Vipers Peoria AZ swim team.

Vistancia Vipers Peoria AZ swim team


The Vistancia Vipers , first and foremost, are all about having fun and connecting with other members of the team. They have a great coach and dedicated team members, so it’s no wonder they are one of the most prominent clubs in the area for children.  With Arizona’s warm climate, the team practices year-round, giving them a particularly strong edge come summertime. Considering the daily swim practices and multiple swim meets that occur, summers are definitely full of fun and competition.


Vistancia Vipers summer wrap up


The Vistancia Vipers always impress, and this summer was no exception. Sending over 80 swimmers to compete in the league championship meet meant for a record breaking season. Viper Coach Tyler Hayes certainly deserves much of the credit for the team’s success. Lucky for the Vipers Peoria AZ swim team, he’s planning on leading them for years to come. Joining the team gives its young members an opportunity not only to improve their swimming techniques, but also their skills in teamwork and flourishing in a competitive atmosphere. As long as you are able to swim the length of the pool without help, you’re able to join the team and be trained in four strokes: breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle. From there, eligible members can go on to compete in the Desert Swim League.


Peoria AZ swim team


Desert Swim League


The Desert Swim League is a summer competitive sprint swim league that lasts ten to twelve weeks. All that practicing comes in handy when it’s time to compete. The Desert Swim League allows eligible swimmers to compete in strokes, but without having to compete in a year-round swim program. They have created an encouraging and competitive atmosphere that the young swimmers thrive in. There are plenty of reasons as to why the Desert Swim League is recognized as one of the top summer swim leagues in the state.


peoria az swim team


Foothills Community Center


If you’ve been to the Foothills  Center located in The Village at Vistancia, you may have seen some of the Vistancia Vipers swimming sessions in action. The Foothills Center’s large lap pool provides the perfect place for the Vistancia Vipers swim team to setup and perfect their strokes. Swim team practice isn’t the only great thing happening there; not only do they boast a heated resort-style pool with a six lane lap area, residents also have access to the children’s playground, picnic ramada and outdoor seating, a large grassy lawn area (the perfect place for a picnic or a game of frisbee), and restroom facilities on-site. If you are a resident of The Village at Vistancia, the Foothills  Center is the perfect place to bring the family for a fun outing, with plenty to do while cheering on the Vistancia Vipers Peoria AZ  swim team.


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After school Fall programs


With summer at a close and school back in session, you might be interested in finding a recreational program to fill out your child’s time. The Vistancia Vipers offer not only the summer program with daily morning practices and 7-10 swim meets throughout the season, but the group also offers both fall and spring swim programs. With their plan of having two after-school practices per week for the Fall and a potential Saturday swim meet each month, it is the perfect program to keep your child busy without overwhelming them during the school year.


peoria az swim team


Here at Vistancia, we take pride and celebrate with our community in all of its successes. The Vistancia Vipers Peoria AZ swim team are just one of the many great programs available that help residents connect with other families and become more involved in their community.


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