6 People Who Can Benefit from a Mother-In-Law Suite (Besides Mom)

Having the right amenities in a home can really make a difference in how much you enjoy your time there. Sometimes, it’s having the right space that can make or break the potential of a house. If you’re looking for new amenities, you may want to consider the value of a mother-in-law suite (also known as a guest suite). These suites have long been used as a space to bring in elderly parents when they need extra assistance or just want to be close to family, but they’re capable of being much more. In fact, the modern version of the suite doesn’t even have to function as a living space. It can be an ideal spot for you to grow as a person – or as a small business owner.

Who needs mother-in-law suites – guest suites?


While the obvious answer is everyone – at least, when you learn the answer to the question of how much value does a mother-in-law suite add – there are some people who can benefit more from having access to this extra space than others. Yes, a mother-in-law can actually use the suite – but even if you’re not inviting your spouse’s mother to live with you, you can still find this suite very useful. Below are six types of people other than mom who might get more out of this type of suite.


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Adult children


It’s become fairly common for adult children to move back in with their parents temporarily. If you think you might have a child that’s returning to the nest, this type of suite can be a fantastic asset. Not only does it give everyone in your home a bit of space, but it helps to make sure that your child can maintain a sense of independence as he or she is getting back on his or her feet.


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If you’ve ever wanted your own art studio, a guest suite might be the perfect addition to your home. This space can be used as a perfect studio, with the privacy you need to create without interruptions. It can also be a good place to teach art lessons, as you won’t have to worry about anyone wandering into the lessons – or about your students wandering through your home.




If you’re a musician, the mother-in-law – guest suite actually presents a chance to make your own in-home sanctuary and recording studio. You can kit the space out with the equipment you need to make your music, all without having to worry about interrupting what goes on in your home with noise complaints. It’s an ideal place for both professionals and amateurs to make music.


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This space can function even better if you’re a music teacher. The privacy allows for music lessons without giving students the run of your whole home. In certain home designs, there may even be space for parents to wait while their children practice, giving them a great peace of mind.


Massage therapists


Homes with a mother-in-law suite – guest suite can be a great place for a massage therapist to work. Consider the fact that even small suites generally have both a main room and a bathroom, which will allow clients a place to get ready as well as a place for you to do your work. Larger suites with more space can even allow you access to a waiting room, giving you a better ability to book clients back to back and to make more money. This kind of suite can be an ideal base for those who only have a few clients or for those who want to keep their work close to home.



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Personal trainers


These rooms can function as a perfect space for those who want to get in better shape. If you provide personal training services you could use this space to train clients, with a space for changing before and after the workout. The attached space also means that you won’t have to pay any fees to a gym, but you’ll still be able to give your clients everything they need to succeed.


Hair dressers & beauticians


One of the major drawbacks to running any type of beauty businesses is the fact that you’ve often got to rent space. A mother-in-law suite, however, allows you to see a select number of clients without having to pay the fees associated with larger shops. You’ll get to control when you work and with whom, all without having to worry about your commute. An ideal solution for both hairdressers and beauticians, you can turn this area into the perfect place to get others ready for big events.


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Realistically, most people who run businesses or have frequent company can get a lot out of this particular home amenity. Whether you are looking for space to practice a hobby or a place to make money, a home with a mother –in-law suite or guest suite can really work for you. When you get ready to look at a home, make sure to keep a mother-in-law suite in mind when you’re talking about features. This optional upgrade is currently being offered at the new Sunset Ridge by David Weekley Homes, Senita Trails by Richmond American Homes, and Agave Ridge by William Ryan Homes neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia. To learn more about these suites and other great amenities available in new homes, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get connected with the builders at Vistancia today.