The Village at Vistancia New Neighborhoods to Feature Exciting Home Amenities

When purchasing a new build home, you will find that there are many differences not only among the floorplans but also the features and upgrades that each new home builder has to offer. Making your dream home a reality is a collaborative effort that involves choosing the right floor plan and also choosing the right upgrades for your new home that fit your family’s needs. Taking a look at the upgrades and features offered by each builder can help to you to narrow down your choice by setting apart homes that have similar floor plans and costs. If you are in the market for a new home, there are four new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia that are now selling and offering a wide variety of floorplans and some of the most popular new home amenities and upgrades.

Fantastic new home amenities


When you’re looking for a new home, it’s important to look at more than just the basic features. While things like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms are definitely important, they often aren’t the only things that make a house feel like a home. If you are looking at new homes, below are a few of the fantastic amenities offered by builders in the four new neighborhoods now selling in The Village at Vistancia.



Gourmet kitchens


Gourmet kitchens have become one of the must-have upgrades of higher-end homes around the country. It’s not enough just to have a great space – you have to have a space that can serve as the basis for entertaining, cooking, and preparing for parties. A great gourmet kitchen allows homeowners the chance to really get the most out of one of the most important spaces in the home, combining a great layout, great appliances, and design features that make cooking much easier.


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With interest in culinary arts skyrocketing in recent years and TV cooking networks more popular than ever, a gourmet kitchen tends to stand out as a very popular feature in new homes. A gourmet kitchen package is an upgrade offered by builders that provide you with the best in kitchen appliances and often may include features such as a double oven, stainless steel appliances, a built-in cooktop and more. If you are someone who truly enjoys cooking and entertaining, including a gourmet kitchen package upgrade might be the perfect choice for your new home.


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Gourmet kitchens are currently being offered by three of the four new homebuilders in The Village at Vistancia. If you’re interested in this upgrade option, make sure to check out Sunset Ridge by David Weekley Homes, Senita Trails by Richmond American Homes and Agave Ridge by William Ryan Homes.


Guest suites or mother in law suites


Over the last several years, the way that the average American ages and lives his or her life have changed. It’s no longer quite as common for someone to live on their own long into old age, and many Americans would rather be with family during their later years than to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Rather than dealing with the rising costs of care and questions about travel, many are choosing to bring their older parents into their home. This is why guest suites or what is sometimes referred to as a Mother in Law suite have become so popular and why they’re must-have home amenities for so many people.


A Mother in Law suite is an area of the home designed to let another family member or members live in the house while still retaining some semblance of independence. These suites can range in size and function, but they all provide family members with their own individual space separate from the rest of the family. It’s a great way to transition out of living in one’s own home without requiring anyone to give up privacy or to step on the toes of the rest of the family. It’s a great solution for figuring out where your parents or in-laws might go after retirement.


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Having  a guest or mother in law suite in the home can also be a great benefit to small business owners. For instance: music instructors, a beauty stylist, a chiropractor, etc, can all run their operation at home and in certain floorplans without having their customers pass through the private areas of their house.


As you might expect, getting a guest suite is a matter of finding the right builder and floorplan. This optional upgrade is currently being offering at the new Sunset Ridge by David Weekley Homes, Sentia Trails by Richmond American Homes, and Agave Ridge by William Ryan Homes neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia.


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4 car garage


Although they may work well for some, for others two car garages may not be enough. Luckily new home builders offer a variety of options including larger four car garages.

These larger garages aren’t just for people who have four vehicles. In fact, a garage of this size can be a huge benefit even for those families who just have two vehicles. Having a larger garage means having more space to store not just your vehicles, but all of your outdoor toys. Whether you want space for multiple cars or you just want to make sure that your lawnmower, bicycles, and other outside gear have space, you need a bigger garage. You can also transform your garage into an ideal semi-outdoor space, full of games and other great amenities.


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David Weekley Homes is currently offering four car garage options in their new Sunset Ridge neighborhood in The Village at Vistancia. These spaces are ideal for not only storage but also providing residents with space to work. A huge garage can be great for woodworking, garage work, and even crafting if you want to keep things quiet. It’s exactly what you’ll need for many reasons, and you can certainly grow into the extra space over time. If you think you might ever need more space than a typical two-car garage can offer, you should make sure to go ahead and begin looking at homes with this additional garage space.




A little extra living space is always a great thing. Lofts are becoming incredibly popular home amenities because they offer the kinds of options that most typical rooms can’t. A loft can be a great space for a guest, a unique living room, or even a separate game space for those who love to entertain. Whether you’re looking for a place to put your pool table or a great area for your teens to hang out that can still be easily supervised, finding a good loft or game room space can be an ideal addition to your home search criteria.


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There are dozens of great home game room ideas of which you can take advantage if you have the available space. You can turn one of these spaces into a mini-theater, a dedicated video game space, or even a shrine to all of your favorite board games. If you’re not into games, you might also make a loft into a great parlor or a fantastic mini-library. The possibilities are endless with this kind of dedicated fun space, so you can take some time to imagine everything you can do when you have to space to add to your home plans.


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All of the builders in the four new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia (including the Verde Vista by Gehan Homes) are offering options for lofts or dedicated game/teen rooms, so you can feel free to look through all of the home designs in order to find the perfect space for your needs. Whether you are concerned about where your kids will spend their leisure time or about having a space you can call your own, a loft or game room space may solve those problems. These rooms come in many different sizes and designs, so look at them all in order to determine which really fits your needs. You might be surprised by what you can do with the right kind of space.


Other Features


Those are just a handful of the major options and upgrades you can find at the four new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia. There are a few other great amenities at which you might want to look, each of which can help you to get more out of your potential new home. These home amenities include:


Multi-slide doors


A unique new way to deal with door frames, multi-slide doors can transform a space by allowing you to open and close spaces at your leisure. Something of a panoramic type of door, you can use these to create barriers between the indoors and outdoors when the weather’s bad and open them up to expand your living space when things are looking bright. These doors are especially great for those who do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Multi-slide doors are currently offered as an upgrade at all four of the new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia.


Butlers pantry


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If you need space to prepare for entertaining, a butler’s pantry might be for you. A traditional feature of luxury homes, these pantries generally feature counter space and storage. They are ideal not only for preparing appetizers before handing them out to your guests, but also to store china and silver. Butler pantries are currently offered as an upgrade at two of the new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia; Senita Trails by Richmond American Homes and Agave Ridge of William Ryan Homes.


Hobby room


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Need a space to be yourself? A good hobby room can help. This kind of space is ideal for those who need a little more room to practice their hobbies. Hobby rooms are available at the new Sunset Ridge neighborhood by David Weekley Homes.




Curb appeal is a huge factor in finding the right home. If you’re looking for home amenities that really impresses, a courtyard is a great option. Elegant and impressive, courtyards are currently available at the new Sunset Ridge neighborhood by David Weekley Homes in The Village at Vistancia.


Super shower/snail shower


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Snail showers and super showers are a unique new way to look at shower design. The new design features make them more efficient, easier to clean, and much more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your shower, this is the way to go. Snail Showers are available at the Verde Vista neighborhood by Gehan Homes, while Super Showers are available at all of the four new neighborhoods in The Village at Vistancia.


These fantastic available features and upgrades are just a few of the reasons to explore all of the floorplans offered by four new builders in The Village at Vistancia. Located off Lone Mountain Parkway, east of El Mirage Road these four new neighborhoods by David Weekley Homes, Richmond American Homes, Gehan Homes and William Ryan Homes offer convenient access to the Loop 303 with amazing Sonoran desert and mountain views. In addition to having access to all of the amenities within The Village at Vistancia, these neighborhoods offer three neighborhood parks including Desert Mirage Park that features a large green belt, a half basketball court and picnic ramadas. Make sure to sign up for the Vistancia newsletter to find out more about these new neighborhoods, get news about grand openings, and to keep apprised of new developments with the developers.


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