Meet Friends for Life at Blackstone Country Club’s Social Events and Activities

There are many reasons for becoming a member at Blackstone Country Club. Whether it’s the opportunity to play on a pristine championship golf course, the luxurious amenities, or the opportunity to make important business connections, the club offers its members a variety of benefits that can help enrich their lives. However, probably the most rewarding and longest lasting benefit of becoming a member is having the chance to meet with the wonderful, like-minded people that gather together to have a great time at Blackstone Country Club’s social events and activities. It is during these events that members often meet with people who wind up becoming cherished friends for life.

Blackstone Country Club social events and activities

As you may have read in a previous blog, Blackstone Country Club is not just a place to golf. It’s a  community of people who want to enjoy and experience the finer things in life and reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication. The club offers members many options to celebrate, pamper themselves, and have a great time while meeting new people.

Club activities

One of the easiest ways for new members to start meeting other members  is the club’s weekly activities. Whether it’s Bridge, Mahjong, painting, trivia, or happy hour, there are plenty of opportunities to interact in a relaxing and fun environment and meet new people. Foodies can enjoy our regular cooking classes, which features recipes and expert tips from our professional chefs. Moms and their children have the option of attending regular Mommy and Me group meetups where they can enjoy group activities with other families and make new friends along the way.

These casual activities allow members to make a “soft” introduction so that when they attend  dining events, they will be able to engage with a few familiar faces without having that awkward feeling of being the new member on the block.

The club’s painting classes are a fun way to introduce yourself to other members.

Dining events

After members have been to a few activities and met a few people, they may want to start attending Blackstone Country Club’s dining events. These events allow members to gather and socialize while enjoying delicious meals from our Executive Chef, Stephen Duarte. Dining events range from formal and casual and include wine dinners (which feature presentations from sommeliers at local wineries), holiday brunches, BBQ night, Burger Night, and more. Whatever a member’s diet requirements are, there is always a dining event to delight the palate. And if there isn’t an item on the menu that meets the needs of our members, Chef Duarte and his team are always more than willing to accommodate.

Fitness activities

One way for members to meet friends for life is to participate in one of our many group fitness activities. Whether working on their strength and flexibility at our yoga and pilates classes, joining a group for a game at our tennis and pickleball courts, or getting a sweat going in exercise classes like Body Pump and RPM, members will have plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded, health conscientious people. The club’s fitness activities are also a great way to meet a new running, walking, or hiking buddy that’s willing to go out for an outdoor adventure.

Don’t forget golf

While there are so many options for members to meet each other, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention golf. It is, after all, the cornerstone of Blackstone Country Club. Our private, championship golf course is a fantastic way for members to get better acquainted with each other and bond while enjoying the sport they love. The club also offers a host of golf tournaments and events including the Men’s Wild Donkey, the Ladies’ Mustang, and the Couples’ Club Championship. Before the hot weather takes foothold in the Valley, the month of April features the Blackstone Country Club’s two biggest tournaments: The Senior Club Championship and the granddaddy of them all, The Blackstone Club Championship.

Our members gather together for one of the many golf tournaments at Blackstone Country Club.

Experience Blackstone Country Club for yourself

Blackstone Country Club’s warm and inviting atmosphere delivers unique and unforgettable experiences to our members. The social, activity, and amenity offerings can enhance your lifestyle as few other country clubs in the area can. If you want to experience a taste of the club for yourself and see firsthand how it is designed to bring luxury and leisure into your life, schedule a tour of this grand oasis in the desert so you can see firsthand what awaits you and your family, and possibly your new friends. Click on the button below to experience a taste of life at Blackstone Country Club.